TriBit Studio

What is Tribit?

Tribit Studio is a multimedia production team geared towards creating highly accessible games, and a creative content provider.

The philosophy of the team is that of "gaming for everyone", in which the game becomes a world that can be explored by everyone, especially by those who have not yet received sufficient attention from the gaming industry. So the team aims to find accessible designs, overcoming possible barriers to accessing the video game.

Currently Tribit's work focuses on audio games, in which the player interacts with the environment only through hearing.

Who we are


Programmer and game designer

He worked in e-commerce as a programmer and manager.

After publishing "101 Puzzles Inferno", a puzzle game, he dedicated himself to programming and designing Tribit products.


Composer, sound designer and game designer

For IV Production, she created the soundtrack of Progetto Ustica, the music of Gran Sasso Videogame and collaborated on the sound design of Pride Run. She also edited the sound and composed music for short films and theatrical performances.


Scriptwriter and game writer

He writes personal projects and collaborates with companies linked to the worlds of animation and gaming.

He writes comics (he hasn't published any yet, but he dreams one day of doing it).

A Western Drama

In A Western Drama you play as Wade, an orphaned bounty hunter trained by his master, Drake Farr. The border is a violent and nightmarish place, and a nightmare has been tormenting Wade since he was a child. Maybe it's just the many people massacred during their work...

A Western Drama is an arcade audio game, without any graphics, in which you only use your ears and a pair of headphones to interact with the environment of the game.

Follow a dramatic story in the typical spaghetti-western style, take part in violent shootings and quick duels. Try to survive the terrible inhumanity of the eighteen century frontier.